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Description :


– Fire upon your targets with very realistic weapons. You have never seen so realistic gun games: pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns… feel like a real frontline commando in the survival battleground!



Features :


Unity 2020

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Impressive 3D graphics with 360-degree camera angle

Best AI and real-life animations plus the environment

Distance in terms of cm will help the player to aim his target

Multiple cloth, caps, shoes, pants, etc

The player can do perfect seeking and shot system

Survival Battleground gives you a thrilling experience of the Free fight

Unique gunfire sounds and the best humanoid animation

Developer Friendly Code

Easy to reskin

Very realistic gameplay

Smooth controls + User Friendly

Awesome and advanced shop-based UI

High-Quality Graphics

Ready to Release.

Optimized for iOS and Android.

Admob Ads Integrated



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Platform :


Unity 2020.3.48f1


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