RED HANDS Unity Game


Description :


Red Hands is an all-new game for two players. Challenge your friends to a funny duel.

Attack! Retreat! Dodge! ✋?
Be quick!

The rules are simple:
✔ Players are placed on the opposite sides of the device.
✔ One of them is attacker, the other one – defender.
✔ Attacker taps his side of the screen to cover defenders hand.
✔ Defender taps his side of the screen in the right moment to avoid attack.
✔ If defender succeeds, the roles are changing.
✔ But be careful – if you retreat too many times, your hand will turn into stone, and you won’t be able to avoid next attack.
✔ For every successful attack, you get one point.
✔ Player, who collects ten points, win.


Features :


Unity 2018


Ready to Release.

Optimized for iOS and Android.

AdMob Ads Integrated.


Tutorial :




Platform :


Unity 2018.4.35f1


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