Difficult Climbing Game Unity Source Code


Description :


Experience the exciting world of adrenaline-pumping rock climbing with Difficult Game About Climbing. The highest peaks and the most extreme conditions are waiting for you here, where only the toughest and bravest climbers will be able to overcome all the obstacles and reach the top.

With each passing step of the game you will climb to more and more prohibitive heights, testing your endurance and ingenuity. In Difficult Game About Climbing you will be able to overcome dangerous cliffs, precipitous precipices and make spectacular jumps over the abyss to reach your goal.


Features :


  • User-friendly and intuitive input,
  • Exciting gameplay with elements of complexity,
  • Pleasant graphics thanks to competent stylization of the environment and characters,
  • Easy to reskin,
  • Cross-platform character management,
  • Can be used on any gaming platform,
  • Customizable advertising bell that is shown during the game at certain intervals.


How To Play



  • When you raise the cursor of one of the joysticks up, the character will make an upward leap with his body,
  • When releasing one of the joysticks, the climber will automatically grab the obstacle, if it is in the area of the hand grip,
  • One joystick is allocated for each hand, with their help you can rotate your hands to swing or make a jerk with a grip on the desired obstacle,
  • Use one or two joysticks in a circular motion to cover the distance in the water faster.


  • Use the “W” or “Space” button to make an upward jerk by the character to climb further.
  • Use the left or right mouse button to activate a grab for an object (LMB refers to the left hand, RMB to the right, respectively).
  • Use the “Escape” button to bring up the pause menu, and if the pause window is active, press “Escape” again to exit it.



Tutorial :



Platform :


Unity 2022.3.19f1


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