Amanda The Adventurer Mobile unity


Description :


Digging through your attic you found a box set of an old children’s TV show, Amanda the Adventurer, starring a brave girl named Amanda and a cowardly sheep named Wooly. You don’t recall any specific episodes or characters in the show. Or what happens in the show exactly. Or much about it at all come to think about it, but it still feels strangely familiar. Curiosity takes hold and you decide to watch the tapes and let Horror nostalgia take you back to a simpler age.

Included with this box set:

Baking a Pie

Going to the Store

Let Me Out

Making New Friends




Features :


Unity 2021


Responsive Ui

Ready to Release

Optimized for iOS and Android.

Gley Mobile Ads Integrated.

Admob Ads Integrated



Tutorial :



Platform :


Unity 2021.3.27f1


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