Ghost Walker unity


Description :


Assasin Ghost Walker Ninja 3D is a game about a ninja who fights against bandits. In the game you will find a huge number of weapons, various heroes and a lot of enemies with firearms.

You can kill everyone and get to the next floor, or dodge bullets and get through without a single drop of blood. Only you decide how to act, the main thing is to reach the goal.

This is a game in which you will fully feel like an unsurpassed, elusive, super dexterous and strong sword master.

The game has:
Miscellaneous weapons
Various characters
Many bosses and opponents

Try yourself to experience this incredible feeling of elusiveness, defeat all the bandits without a single scratch and become a legend.



Features :


Unity 2022


Responsive Ui

Ready to Release

Optimized for iOS and Android.

Gley Mobile plugin Integrated.

Admob Ads Integrated



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Platform :


Unity 2022.3.28f1


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