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– If you have ever wondered about what the babes of 2 different kinds of animals will be or even with things in daily life. The answer is in this endless fun game.

How to play:
– Pick two animals: any animals that you want to choose and are curious about the mixed result
– Wait for AI to do an advanced algorithm will mix them together for you

– A lot of animals form anywhere such as dinosaurs, sharp, cats, dogs, lizards,…
– Each animal has a unique appearance, characteristics, and powers
– A clever AI makes you surprise with each result

– Sorry But There are 3 Images are Missing In Combinations

Let’s do a lot of experiments and see what you can create!




Features :


Unity 2022

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Ready to Release.

Optimized for iOS and Android.

Applovin and Gley Mobile Ads Integrated



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Unity 2022.1.6f1


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